Exceptional packaging manufacturers, exceptional product quality

As established, reputable packaging manufacturers, the team at Macbey take the quality of our product and pharmaceutical packaging very seriously. Whether we’re providing aluminium tins, aluminium screw caps, tube bases and closures, cosmetic or pharmaceutical packaging, or any other goods, we go to every length to ensure that they are of the highest possible quality.

As well as ensuring that the packaging we manufacture is of the very best standards, we also take additional steps to ensure a real attention to detail that carries right through the entire packaging design and manufacturing process.

image of quality of registration

Quality of Registration

Our stringent quality control ensure that no unit leaves the factory without high quality registration.

image of graphic alignment

Graphic Alignment

Anyone within the business knows how difficult rim alignment can be. Careful machine set-up ensures a high degree of accuracy.
image of sharp embossed detail

Sharp Embossed Detail

Pressure control ensures accurate relief details on all embossed lids and packs.

precision fit

Precision Fit

Every tin either large or small is accurately formed to ensure a precision fit when a good seal is essential for your product.

From pharmaceutical packaging to aluminium tins, we always focus on quality

As premier packaging manufacturers, we value our reputation and the great business relationships that we build with our clients; regardless of the product e.g. aluminium tins, pharmaceutical packaging, snap fit lids or aluminium screw caps, we believe that only the best is good enough.

Our raw materials are expertly sourced from suppliers that provide the best value – which means we can pass these benefits on to our customers. The packaging we manufacture is strong and protective, and we continually review our processes and products to make certain that we’re delivering the standards that you require.

Our stringent quality control ensures that no unit leaves the factory without perfect registration, and we have polished our skills and techniques to ensure that our aluminium tins, screw caps and other metal packaging items offer a precision fit and a seal – something that can be even more crucial when it comes to cosmetic or pharmaceutical packaging.

Macbey Industrial - the packaging manufacturers to trust

Packaging manufacturers and industry consumers know that rim alignment can be hard to get right; by carefully setting up our machinery, we can be sure of a high degree of accuracy - and we also pay close attention to pressure control when embossing your products.

When choosing packaging manufacturers to help you represent your products and brand, you need to know that they can provide exceptional quality and a reliable service. With Macbey, that’s exactly what you get; as our current customers will tell you, we’re the packaging manufacturers to trust – why not contact our team today to discuss your requirements?