Accessibility Statement

Standards Compliance

The site follows W3C compliance. We have used a common accessible design throughout the web site and have provided text only pages for blind or partially sighted users.

Links and Navigation

Many links have title attributes that describe the link in greater detail. Links are written to make sense when read out of context; we never use 'click here'. More than one link with the same text will always point to the same address. All links can be followed in any browser.

Visual Design and Viewing

All pages on this site use cascading style sheets for visual layout. You can change the font size and colour contrast via your Internet Browser. For example, you can change text size in Internet Explorer by going to 'View > Text Size'. Graphics, Pictures and Images Where we have used graphics, pictures and images, we have included text descriptions ('Alt-Tags'), to comply with internationally recognised Web accessibility guidelines. All graphical navigation buttons are similarly 'Alt-tagged'.


We follow best practice guidelines for plain English to make this web site easy to read and understand. We have not used frames in any part of this web site. The site is fully accessible if scripting is unavailable.