Premium product packaging, from bottle caps to tube bases

Macbey are suppliers of a wide range of product packaging; we can provide a diverse range of premium quality packaging components in aluminium or tin, including; bottle caps, bottle tops, tube bases, tube closures, aluminium tins and many other types of metal packaging.

We can make screw caps (CT caps) from 18mm to 103mm, product packaging for hair waxes and gels, containers for lip balms, shoe and furniture polishes, powders and food ingredients, toys and novelties, juices and alcohol, composite tube ends and even lids for samples containers.

The above is by no means exhaustive; whatever your product packaging needs, we’ll do our absolute best to find the best solution for you. We are always happy to talk you through your options and we take the time to listen to your requirements, to ensure that we can give you product packaging that is entirely fit for purpose.

Product packaging in tin and aluminium

Choice is important to all of us; we all want the opportunity to explore alternatives so that we can identify the most appropriate product or service for our personal requirements. Much of our product packaging can be made in either tin or aluminium, dependent upon what kind of finish and feel you require – and our staff are always happy to discuss each material’s unique properties, in order for you to make an informed decision on the best material for you.

All of our product packaging can be decorated or coloured, providing a truly bespoke service that will give you brand consistency and help to promote loyalty with your consumers. So whether you’re looking for bottle tops, bottle caps, tube bases, tube closures or any other type of metal or tin packaging, we can offer both serviceable and stylish items.

Bottle  caps, bottle tops, tube bases and much more!

We make well known product packaging designs such as 'press to open' or 'snap fit' tins, slip-lid containers, full thread or continuous thread (CT) caps and tube ends. The metal we use is only part of our strength; we have the very best liner technologies available and we can provide bottle caps, bottle tops and various other lids complete with any kind of liner, including flowed-in-seal and even inductive heat seals.

The wide range of product packaging we can offer includes:

  • Aluminium and metal tins
  • Aluminium screw caps
  • Metal screw and CT caps
  • Metal sealed tins
  • Shoe and furniture polish tins
  • Tube bases
  • Tube closures
  • Bottle tops
  • Bottle caps
  • Caps for juices and alcohol
  • Composite tube ends
  • Lids for sample containers

As you can see, for bottle tops/caps, tube bases and closures, to tin and metal containers, Macbey are the company to use. Why not contact our product packaging team to find out how we can help you?

Images courtesy of Potter's Herbal